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Why chose Novo Vision?

We wish to introduce ourselves as an Education Consultant based in Melbourne, Australia established in 2016 . Novo Vision currently in its 3rd year of operation has emerged as a fastest growing Education Consultancy. We counsel students with a focus based on their academic performance, aptitudes, personality and special interest, while guiding and advising them on various options and academic pathways for them to achieve their educational objectives. Our services include placement, documentation, visa application and on-going support. It caters to the ultimate goal of providing customer satisfaction and welfare of both the students as well as the business associates. Our growing number of clients reflects our dedication in providing them the best services. As the representative of the top institutions throughout the Australia, Novo Vision carries the image and prospect of the respective institute. Our excellent service standards and counseling methodology are the reasons why clients choose to engage with us. We welcome you to visit us at Novo Vision – Global Partner for world Education !


Education is the building block of human experience. It is not just an integral part of your professional life but greatly influences your overall personality. Our three-fold mission is that of ‘Mentoring’ the youth of this country to dream, ‘Motivating’ them towards greater hopes and aspirations and ‘Guiding’ them on the right track to realise those ambitions. We at Novo Vision are with you every step of the way to make the best choices to enhance your inherent talents.


We continuously strive to bring the most comprehensive courses and colleges in your destination of choice. We aim to create a network of counsellors and alumni to understand and guide you in a constructive way. Our vision is to be your preferred destination to help you on your way to get wings to soar high in life.


Every individual is unique. Our counsellors across our centres use this as their guiding mantra to evaluate and give you the best options available in the Global Education sector.

Melbourne, Australia


Suite 3203, 120 A'Beckett Street

Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia

Email: application@cnjglobalholding.com

Tel: +61 3 9013 6392

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Shanghai, China

​Novo Vision Consulting

Suite 506, 3rd Building

1146 Yanan W Road, Shanghai, China

Email: China@novovision.com.au

Tel: +86 21 6180 9532


上海市长宁区延安西路1146号, 3号楼, 211室

Email: nora@novovision.com.au

​电话: +86 21 6180 9532 / +86 199 5283 5766

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